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released January 2, 2015



all rights reserved


RAURAVA Belgorod, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Spirit/Ecology
good morning, street noise is waking you up
let’s have a breakfast with the taste of cruelty
today’s the great day, today’s the great day!
we’ll dance to the music of black acid snow
i know, i know! when it melts
be ready that it will hate our feet
this is the price of our common love
to the earth!
i know! the earth loves us too!
you’ll be lucky a season later
to feel the sleet, it’s so sweet
cause it consists of toilet paper
the human is a parasite
Track Name: Way To Travel
easy money will help you to see "lost vegas"
young whores will take you to "mew york"
buckets of alcohol – and you're in "weenice"
idiocy can give to you the mind of "tokyo"

do you like travelling?

so many causes of degradation attacked our children
is this the way to a bright tomorrow?
sweet propaganda they follow
have united them into the pseudo-family
Track Name: The Oppressed
greyness is walking around the streets
crying with litres of generous sky
it makes them exist in themselves
with thoughts based on stereotypes
the festival is under the pressure
of oppressing feelings
it’s too late to realize
you've already hanged

ravens are breaking the silence
circling above depressed roofs
it destroys all patience
despair. disaster – preface
Track Name: Human Doesn't Mean Humanity
me, they
a drop dissolves in the ocean
but if the ocean dried up
It'd disappeared, it'd just disappeared!
i'd rather get lost under the ground like an earthworm
and never take my solitude back to this city
my feelings are the ground people walk on
anger has already reached its boiling point
then it turned into earthquake
and echoes in void
i have drown
going against the stream
of a so-called society
Track Name: United By Friendship (feat. Left)
so many eyes are watching the present
they glare at each other and it bears the indifference
blind-minded society is wandering in the fog
and it keeps wandering
social alienation? i say «yes!»
but not to those who answer the same
join hands to save the bond
the feeling of disgust makes you blind
and sunbeams will be lost for you

stop gasping in the carton box
take scissors to cut the space
to get rid of undesirable barriers
just join your hands